Rolling Stones - Don't Stop (Official Lyric Video)
This project involved creating a dynamic and engaging lyric video for "Don't Stop" by The Rolling Stones, one of the most iconic rock bands in music history. Our goal was to bring their powerful lyrics to life through visually stunning animation and design, enhancing the listener's experience and capturing the spirit of the song.
"Don't Stop" evokes the exhilarating feeling of a road trip, with its upbeat tempo and evocative lyrics. Drawing inspiration from the open road, vintage car aesthetics, and the free-spirited energy of The Rolling Stones, we crafted a video that visually represents the song's themes of adventure and freedom.
Elements from Megascans, Forester, and Greyscalegorilla Plus were combined with buildings from the Americana kit by Kitbash 3D to create detailed environments. Octane's scatter object was utilized to populate the large 3D environments, ensuring a realistic and richly detailed setting for the animation. Dynamic detail was added to building interiors using wParallax OSL shaders.
Character Creator was used to build out the main
protagonist with clothing created and dynamically simulated in Marvelous Designer.
Remodelling work was carried out to turn a 70s hard top car model from TurboSquid into a classic
RE:Map, by RE:Vision Effects, in Adobe After Effects was used with UV render passes to allow seamless integration of 2D animations across the 3D surfaces of the car. This workflow enabled the tight integration of the animations with the music track, enhancing the overall visual coherence.
To maintain an organic and realistic feel to the CGI, hand-drawn illustrations by Leah June Richards were integrated into the animated 3D textures. This added a unique, artistic touch to the visual elements, blending traditional and digital art seamlessly.
"Don't Stop" by The Rolling Stones
"Don't Stop" Official Lyric Video
Concept, Direction and Animation: Peter Richards
Illustration: Leah June Richards
Creative Producer: Oisín Bickley
Post Production Manager: Claire Rhodes
Producer: Michael Fatukasi-Richards
Head of Production: Kelly Sweeney
Executive Producer: Alice Webb
Executive Producer: Dan Borrelli

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