The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Official Visualizer)
In honour of the 20-year anniversary rerelease of the "Forty Licks" album, motion designers Pete Richards and Gareth Bowen embraced the challenge of creating the official music visualizer for the timeless Rolling Stones track, "Gimme Shelter."

Inspired by the iconic "Let it Bleed" album cover art, the brief was to create a 3D zoetrope animation that not only expanded upon the artistic essence of the album cover but also weaved in thematic elements from the song.
Influenced by real-world 3D zoetrope installations, this project was intricately crafted in Cinema 4D to remain faithful to the inherent limitations and possibilities of this technology. Following thorough experimentation, it was determined that the zoetrope would comprise of 24 rotational sections, completing a full rotation every 2 seconds. This decision led to the creation of 2-second animation loops running at a authentic 12 frames per second, perfectly synchronized with the song's beats per minute (BPM).

To enhance the visual aesthetics, character models underwent treatment to achieve a distinctive 3D-printed and hand-painted appearance. The overall scene's camera settings were calibrated to real-world scales, contributing to a more authentic experience.
Lighting control rigs were used to assist in the animation process.
"Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones
"Gimme Shelter (Official Visualizer)"

     Art Direction, Motion Design & Animation: Peter Richards & Gareth Bowen

     Head of Production: Kelly Sweeney
     Creative Producer: Oisin Bickley
     Producer: Mike Fatukasi-Richards
     Post Production Manager: Claire Rhodes
     Executive Producers: Robin Klein, Julian Klein, Erin Hickey, Alice Webb & Dan Borrelli

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